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Aluminium Foil Container Mould
 * Consummate quality system, smooth wall
 container, multi-cavity container, various rims and multi-compartment.

 * Advanced assistant designing
 system(PRE/CAD/CAE/CAM) in the mould designing
 * Vacuum heat treatment

 * The mould adopts aeroelasticity resillience device,
 and our advantages of the mould have long shelf, stable quality, high
 precision, and reasonable design.

 * The mould can realize the process of cutting,
 forming, plugging and rolling of aluminum foil wares in one step.

 * Cunsummate quality system, smooth wall container,
 multi-cavity container, various rims, ND multi-compartment
 Based on your samples or drawings, we can customize aluminium foil container moulds upon request. The moulds we can design and produce are as follows:

 1. No. of cavities: 1, 2, 3, 4 cavities or more

2. Types: wrinkled-wall containers, smoothwall containers, folded wall containers, aluminium foil container lids

3. Container shapes: square, rectangular, circular, oval, special shapes etc.

4. Rim styles: L, G

5. We can print your preferred logos upon request.