Machine T63

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Fully Automatic Aluminium Foil Container Machine LK-T63

 Press 63 Tons With Electronic Feeder
 Stacker 3 Lines
 Electronic Control Panel And Pneumatic Control Units
 Scrap Foil Collection System

Basic Data
*  Suitable for 1~ 4 Cavities Mould 
*  Strokes:                           250mm
*  Working Speed:               35~70 strokes/min
*  Compressed air needed:   0.5- 0.8 Mpa, 0.3m3/min
*  Max Foil Width:                800mm
*  Max Mould Dimension:     910*900*400mm
*  Total Power:                    12.5KW 
*  Container Height :            Less than 120mm
*  Installation Dimension:     6000*2600*3300mm

The T63 machine is designed and developed specially for the aluminum food containers, dishes and trays production. From the coiler, feeding to punching, those aluminum foil containers can be obtained finally. 
The main body of T63 machine is a "C"-frame 63 press. Both in easy mould replacement and surface production, the bedplate of forming machine equipped two movable plate. 
The press configured with a servo motor, to make sure the high precision control of feeding step and speed. The height of the feeding system is automatically adjustable to match the strip height of the tool currently in use on the press.

There are 10 electronic cams (solenoid valves) controlled by a PLC and 10 fixed air connections with pressure regulators, providing easy tool set-up. The functional usage of multiple cavity moulds can be achieved, by large number of air outlets laid on press. 
The T63 press is equipped with 5 air compressors. The pneumatic control panel is more easy to operate. 
The press fits various kinds of moulds for wrinkle- wall, smooth-wall, pet, airline and folded containers production. The advantages as below:
 - The replacement of the mold is convenient and easy to operate.
 - It’s suitable for large size single cavity, medium and small multi-cavity moulds.
 - The height of ram is electrically adjustable to satisfied multiple request of different moulds with diverse shapes and sizes.